Native American Storytelling Event

We invite everyone to join us on Sunday, October 23rd to enjoy this special event, brought to us by the Native American Comprehensive Plan. It will take place at Saint John UMC from 3p to 4:30p in the Sanctuary.  The guest storytellers are: Rev. Fred Shaw, Rev. Carol Lakota Eastin, Ms. Raggatha Calentine and Ms. Boe Harris. We hope to see you there!

Fred A. Shaw (aka Neeake) is a retired pastor of the United Methodist Church living in Oxford, OH. Fred is of Shawnee descent and is a traditional storyteller of the culture sharing stories in a variety of national and international venues.

Rev. Carol Lakota Eastin, of French, Irish, Lakota and Yakima descent. Her maiden name comes from her great grand father who was a part of Buffalo Bill Wild West.  Carol is a United Methodist pastor and a pastoral counselor as well as serving on the United Methodist General Task force for the Act of Repentance with Indigenous People.

Raggatha Calentine stands all of 5 ft. tall; hence she has always been “Little Ragghi”. She commands respect for what she gives back to the world she lives in. If she is not telling stories to bands of children, adults or restaurant employees, she is spending her time helping young girls and boys explore their rich heritage, cultivate talents and deal with the many challenges of growing up.

Every time Boe Harris- Nakakakena speaks and dances someone always ask, “Do you still live in a teepee? Do you still hunt for your food?” Then there’s the comment that makes her laugh: “You don’t look like an Indian.” Nakakakena is an accomplished flutist and dancer.